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分类:欧美剧 俄罗斯 2014

主演:伊万·阿赫洛贝斯金 伊利亚·格林尼科夫 Svetl 

导演:Dina Shturmanova 



俄罗斯知名医疗类喜剧,2014年开播第四季,大魔王已经陪大家度过4个美好年头~ 详情


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U and Me - Trina[Chorus]You and MeWe can make it lastYou and me We can make it lastYou and meWe can make it lastYou and meWe can make it lastYou and me...[Verse 1]It was me and you Trina who shared the hard timesStill in love wit niggas who was serving some hard timesOr involved wit niggas who lost their livesWhen Hollywood passed I nearly lost my mindI then rolled wit the traffickers worked in the MaximasWhen D.A in back of us, I'm stretched out nervousAsking myself, "Bitch was this really worth it?"What's my purpose I gotta keep searchingIt was me and you Trina who asked the same questionswe decided when and which hoes we would fuck itshop wit thug wit get into some thug shitturn 'em on to niggas who deep into that thug shitget money fuck a little let a nigga touch a littlehad to make moves our home was so fucking littleFeel that? I know you do, guess what I wrote it tooPlease recognize this is a hip hop quoteable[Chorus + (over lapping the chorus)](And even through the loneliest timewe survived through our loneliest nightsJust think about the struggling timeswhen we survived through a nickel and dimeAnd even if I had all the bread in the worldI'd give it all up for one shot atYou and Me, I'm that same bitch)[Verse 2]You and me were best friends but I'm the one you talk about?I showed love to everybody before I walked aboutthe parties the club the functionI leave you bring up discussions on who I'm fuckingYou and me were best friends we talked about abortionsAs little girls hair braided o the same porchesWe promised each other we would share the same lossesYa baby daddy passed we share the same lossesIt was you and me hoe getting c-notesbell hoppers to the death while Irish hoes deep throatYeah it's beef in the air and why she knowIf anybody do she know how we flowMiami bitches you know how we goNice entourage lock mints wonder brasSit in the club I miss how it was[Chorus + (over lapping the chorus)][Verse 3]You know it's really funny how the tables turnI moved forward and thank God for the lessons learnedI used to strip clubs as a stepping stoneHit the stage got paid it wasn't my second homeAsk somebody Trina been the shit on the streets Roll wrap late nights been the shit on the beachBrought blue baby jeans just to shit on the ?Keep tall body guys just to sit underneathSit back pop bottle ya'll sit on ya'll feetScreaming my name tryna get in V.I.PI don't own the club booI'm just showing love tooBut every time I see ya face I think of me and youIt's disappointing that you fell off well not fell offI just can't accept you not being well offIt wouldn't be me if I didn't tell allI even tried to call you but ya cell off[Chorus + (over lapping the chorus)]


曲目名称演唱者Hometown GloryAdeleYour Red DressAlaska In WinterWhat Would Jay-Z DoBen LeeCarmellaBeth OrtonMercyDuffyMy Moon My ManFeistRaindrops From The SunImani CoppolaLittle Bit Of Feel GoodJamie LidellGod Only KnowsJoe HenryMerry HappyKate Nash(音乐原声参考资料来源 )


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